Students of the English language, particularly those from non-English-speaking nations, utilize the book as a practice and reference tool. Although the publisher describes the book as a self-study reference, it can also be used for classroom reinforcement activities

The book is available in three different editions: eBook, audio, and with or without an answer key.[4] Each unit of the book, which normally consists of two pages facing each other, has tasks related to the lesson on the left page. The book's units are arranged in accordance with how simple the lessons are, or it starts with fundamental concepts and advances to more complex ones

The author invites readers to turn the page and locate any areas they believe need work. The book concludes with a study guide that includes activities that, when completed, identify the areas in which the student needs to improve and proposes the unit numbers the student should study. This allows the reader to choose which units to focus on and which to skip

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